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ICECOLD: Energy Efficiency Solution in HVAC

If your company is looking to reduce its energy use and save money in their cooling systems, you come to the right place!

We offer the scientifically proven green solution ICECOLD to regain lost efficiency that occurs in many oil systems over time due to oil fouling. This problem is the primary cause of lost efficiency in the majority of cooling systems. Fortunately, it can be solved!


Our mission is to make the most of our energy by engineering efficiency into cooling systems, enhancing sustainability and providing the best performance at significantly lower consumption of energy.

We combine our technology and expertise with Performair, a leader in the HVAC industry, to provide the installation of IceCOLD.


*We guarantee a 10% improvement in efficiency, we install it only once and it lasts for the lifetime of the equipment. On average, we help companies save 18% with their systems. We do not affect the warranty with your manufacturer, and we have an insurance policy that has never had an attempted claim. Contact us for any details and information! We are ready to help!

  • 10% guarantee in efficiency gain, we average 18% and up to 30%
  • Install only once and lasts for the lifetime of the equipment
  • We do not affect the warranty with your manufacturer
  • Our payback period is less than 3 years
  • We have an insurance policy and we never had an attempted claim

Our process:

  1. First, we will do a pilot project (at no cost)
  2. Second, we will analyse the data and prove the efficiency
  3. Third, we will submit a contract for all your systems
  4. Fourth, we will install IceCOLD and you start saving money